Join the Association
PTX Associates are dedicated and licensed posture therapists who practice and promote PTX Therapy™. The objective of the Association is to maximize exposure and credibility of PTX therapy with specific focus on branding, education, support and marketing. In addition to all of the tools already available to PTX Associates, the next phase of development includes in-person educational workshops, led by our “Instructor Level” therapist team, new software content and features, a “Sub-Sequence” and “Box Logic” learning system, and frequent webinars and online forums for the purpose of individual and collective expansion of PTX Therapy.
Benefits of Joining PTX Associates:
  • PTX Therapy, the name
  • PTX Associates, the membership / the affiliation
  • PTX Pro, the routine builder platform
  • PTX partnerships, the reach
  • PTX blog and forum, the communication
  • PTX corporate wellness, the additional income
  • PTX listing & marketing, the opportunity for new clients
  • PTX webinars, the education
  • PTX conferences, the TEAM
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